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      Hear the Difference, Naturally!  
*100% Natural Swedish Herbal Formula  
*Blissful Relief from An Annoying Condition 
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Bio Ear Formula is an all-natural formula for tinnitus, ringing, bussing, and noise in the ear. According to studies, nearly 40,000,000 adults suffer from tinnitus. Bio Ear Formula is said to make a difference in the irritating ringing and bussing by nourishing nerve endings in the ear. Although it is not a cure, Bio Ear Formula, when used regularly has helped endless suffers.

Bio Ear Formula is an all-natural, high quality liquid topical product recommended for suffers of persistent ringing and buzzing in the ear.  Bio Ear, developed from Sweden by a Palm Springs California Nutritionist, features a proprietary blend of Bio-Chelated, concentrated herbal extracts that, when synergistically combined, have been shown to help relieve the ringing, buzzing and noise.  By nourishing nerve endings in the ear and gently improving circulation and used regularly over-time, has been shown to alleviate symptoms as reported by tinnitus sufferers approximately 85% of the time.

Bio Ear formula is an herbal formulation, not a homeopathic formulation. The herbs in this product work so well because of a synergistic combination of all the herbs combined. The ingredients, Aloe Vera Gel, Purified Water, Bio-Chelated Extracts of Highly concentrated Herbs: Ginseng root, bitter orange peel, dandelion root, myrrh gum, sienna leaves, rhubarb root, Blessed thistle seed, and Angelica root all work by stimulating the blood flow to nerve endings in the ear.

It has been fully tested and approved for use. We recommend following the directions carefully, placing the formula on a piece of cotton and placing it in your ear for 2-4 hours (can be repeated as needed several times a day.) It is not ear drops and should not be poured directly into the ear.

We currently have two sizes, half-ounce bottles and one-ounce bottles.

                                  1/2 oz                                            1 oz
                                 $16.95                                        $26.95
   (reg. $18.95)                                                   (reg. $31.95)

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