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Total Body Balance (Ph Complete) is a whole Food Liquid Supplement that not only contains no alcohol, but also includes the fantastic ingredient, Coral Calcium.  Coral Calcium is believed to help the overall health of the body, reported to be the essential ingredient in keeping Okinawans healthier and able to live longer than most any other group of people.  Total Body Balance (Ph Complete) is in liquid form and is easily assimilated into the body more efficiently and faster than pills and capsules.

Specific Ingredients include:

Matrix Aloe Vera Juice, an anti-inflammatory that may help with normalizing blood sugar, and can, in some cases inhibit infectious agents.  It is also believed to be one of the finest colon cleaners and aids in the absorption of other nutrients. 

Proprietary Sea Vegetable Blend Extract contains every mineral, vitamin, enzyme and amino acid believed by many to be nature's best whole food nutrition for mankind.  It is also believed by many to help fight cancer.

Pau D'Arco contains derivatives which are anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic with virus killing properties.  Total Body Balance has 10 times concentrated extract with no alcohol added.

Cranberry Juice Concentrate helps cleanse toxin from certain internal organs of the body including kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, prostrate and testicles.

Coral Calcium has been found in the diets of various peoples throughout the world. They live longer lives and have lower cancer rates. People from Okinawa, Japan have one of the longest life expectancies. The Coral Calcium in Total Body Balance comes from Okinawa.

One bottle will last one person 30 days if drinking one ounce a day.

32 Fluid Oz. Bottle

or visit their web site at  http://www.awphc.com

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